February 25, 2016

Tax Appointment Forms

Office forms for the preparation of your 2018 Tax Returns.

Our forms are now  FILLABLE for your convenience!

To comply with IRS requirements, the forms listed below must be completed (updated) each year that we prepare your taxes.  You can save time by choosing the scenerio below that best describes your situation, print off those selected forms and bring them to your appointment or include them with your tax documents to drop off.  You can also fill out these forms electronically, save a copy and then email to our office.  These forms are also available at our front desk.

**  All clients must complete pages 1-4 AND include a copy of a valid driver’s license or state photo ID for self (and spouse, if married).  

**  Complete pages B1 & B2  ONLY IF you are self-employed, own rental property, a farm, an S-Corporation or regular Corporation.  

**  If you choose to have our preparation fees taken out of your anticipated tax refund – complete pages 5-7 (page 9 if choosing VISA Card)

**  If you would like to apply for an Advance Refund of between $250-$6000 –  complete page 8.

**  If you are dropping off, mailing, e-mailing or faxing your tax documents to us for preparation of your income tax return – complete the Drop Off Questionnaire.

Page 1 – 2018 General Questionnaire – A checklist to help make sure you aren’t missing anything and helps you gather all of your needed documents.

Page 2 – 2018 Qualified Health Insurance Coverage Questionnaire ACA (Obamacare) checklist.   Information from this checklist is required for your 2018 tax return.

Page 3 – 2018 Engagement Letter – Officially hires us to prepare your tax return, and lists responsibilities of both client and preparer.

Page 4 – 2018 Email Release – Allows us to communicate with you through e-mail.

Page B1 – 2018 Self Employment, Rental and Farm Income Questionnaire – Questionnaire for those who have self employed, rental or farming income

Page B2 – 2018 Engagement letter for Corporations and Partnerships – Engagement letter officially hiring us to prepare your business tax return, and lists responsibilities of both client and preparer.

Page 5 – 2018 Consent to Use of Tax Return Information – Gives us permission to use your tax return information to answer your tax questions or for future year projections, and to see if you qualify for an bank products you may be requesting.

Page 6 – 2018 Consent to Disclosure of Tax Return Information – Gives us permission to share (disclose), at your request, your tax return information with the bank in order to have our fees withheld from your refund.

Page 7 – 2018 Optional Refund Disbursement Methods – If you choose to have our fees withheld, you must choose which method you would like to receive your refund (prepaid Visa, direct deposit or paper check picked up in our office).

Page 8 – 2018 Refund ADVANCE Option – If you want an Advance on your Refund of up to $6,000, you must complete this request form BEFORE we begin preparing your tax return.

Page 9 – 2018 EPS VISA Prepaid Card Request Form – You cannot choose this option after your return is completed. Required if you choose the prepaid Visa card method of receiving your refund from page 7.

2018 Drop-Off Questionnaire– Complete for drop off, mail, email and faxed returns without an appointment.  Contact information is required as this form gives us your current demographic information.